Friday, August 18, 2006

Jobs for the Girls: Surviving in a Man's World -

I spend a great deal of my time working with women in business and it is surprising how many still have problems day to day in dealing with men in the office. All too often I see women observing successful men in busines and then making the mistake of trying to replicate their behaviour.

Men and women do business differently - and right now the qualities most needed in business those natural strengths most associated with women. I recieved this article this morning from which offers some particulary useful advice for women on how to survive in a male environment and stay true to who you are.

Jobs for the Girls: Surviving in a Man's World -

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Squidoo : My Lensmaster Page

What, you might be thinking, is Squidoo?

Squidoo is a free service (in fact you can even earn money with Squidoo) that enables you to create "Lenses" - Views on subjects you are expert in or simply topics you wish to promote. You can use a lens to promote your area of expertise and help establish you as the person to come to. You can be really commercial and use one to promote your business. Or perhaps you have a passion - well you can create a lens to bring together resources and people who share your passion.

Squidoo is not a blog - though you can write items - and you can link your blog and your web site to any or all of your lenses. And yes - you can create as many lenses as you wish. One thing I have discovered is that the more focused the topic on each lens the better. Take a look at the first two lenses I have created - and remember they are still works in progress so do pop back from time to time:

Selling and Marketing to Women
Write and Deliver and Outstanding Speech

But hey - I have only just started exploring this medium so if you want to see what you can do check out this lens from author and founder of Squidoo, Seth Godin (he has lots - see the link to his other lenses) It gave me some great ideas on how to use this new medium and there are lots of other helpful tips once you find your way around.

What you need (okay, want) to know about Seth Godin

Check out my lens Rikki

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