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Rikki Arundel has had a long and eventful career as one of the UK's top inspiration keynote speakers, seminar leaders and conference facilitators.

In the 80's she established herself as a leading motivational speakers in the financial services industry and helped to re-establish the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and its annual conference.  During this time she wrote her first book "Sell Your Way To Success" before switching career to become the techology guru to the financial services industry and a leading pioneer promoting the use of the internet in business.

Throughout the 90's Rikki contributed significantly to the difficult task of moving the financial services industry from its paper based past to become a fully automated electronic marketplace, chairing conferences and keynote speaking throughout the UK to help people understand the impact of the Internet,  During this time she also wrote her second book, "the ABC of the WWW".  

In 1999 Rikki founded the Professional Speaking Association in the UK becoming its first President and began to expand her influence around the world speaking in over 30 countries. However in 2002 she made a dramatic change of life when she decided to come out as a transgender woman and begin living in her new gender. This decision brought her speaking career to an abrupt standstill.  

The level of discrimination Rikki faced was so severe that she had no choice but change her expertise completely.  She enroled at Hull University where she read for a Masters degree in Gender Research and became actively engaged in communiity and voluntary work to develop her experience and expertise as a diversity professional. In 2007 she set up Gendershift Ltd to deliver a range of support service for trans people and to provide gender related training and consultation services primarily to the public sector, at the same time establishing herself as the leading expert in this field in the UK. 

in 2011 Gendershift closed as a result of the severe cuts in voluntary sector funding and training budgets and Rikki set out once again to re-establish herself as an independant Inspiration speaker and trainer.

This newly developed site is designed to showcase Rikki's expertise and demonstrate how she can help all organisations to benefit from embracing diversity and treating everyone with dignity and respect.  Rikki has delivered diversity related training to over 250 organisations working extensively with colleges, universities, local authorities, health and the criminal justice bodies, community organisations and a small but growing number of enlightened private sector organisations. 

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