Monday, September 03, 2012

"Easy Member Pro" review

The Best Membership Site Software
One of the biggest roadblocks people have when they want to start a membership site is the difficulty of setting up a script. Either they don't have the ability to install the script, or they're confused about how to use it once it is set up. The good news is that Easy Member Pro has solved both of those problems!

At first glance, Easy Member Pro might be a little bit intimidating because it is a membership site script. However, the product comes with both a user manual and step-by-step videos. The videos are a what we especially liked. It doesn't matter if you've never installed a script before, Easy Member Pro will guide you through. You really have to try it to believe it; even if you are a technophobe.

After the script is installed, you'll find that the membership interface is incredibly powerful as well. It has its own content management system; which is very well developed into something your customers will really enjoy

What really sets the script apart is the way it automates tasks for you as the owner, for the customer, and for affiliates. Your admin panel will allow you do everything from mass e-mail your customers to changing the colors of your website. It really doesn't get any simpler than that.

In fact, I was quite surprised at the low cost of Easy Member Pro -- many of the top membership site scripts cost a pretty penny these days. When I started using Easy Member Pro, I wasn't expecting much because the price is a lot lower than others out there. However, when you get to utilize the full script you'll see that it integrates many of the features of the higher-end scripts, but for a much lower price.

There is no doubt about it; no one has an excuse to not start a membership site anymore! If you've been putting it off because you're scared of the technical aspects or you just don't know how you make it work for you, Easy Member Pro is the right choice for you. After you've browsed through the full list of features and benefits, the chances are good you'll choose this script and you won't look back!

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The Best Membership Site Software

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